Welcome to Log(n)

Hi there! My name is Jason Healy, and this is my web site. I know this page is a little spartan, but I'm a pretty busy guy so I don't have a lot of time for beautiful web designs. There are a few things on this web page that might interest you, so feel free to poke around!

Now that I have a kid, we've started keeping a blog so friends and family can stay up to date. Additionally, we have a gallery of photos, though you'll need a password to get to most of the content. Feel free to contact me if you need a login.

If you're coming to visit us, you might want to get driving directions to our house in Suffield.

My site also hosts my Penrose tiling software, which I wrote as part of my senior thesis in college.

Finally, users on my server may want to log in to their webmail if they're on the road.