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Thanks for visiting my site! I got this domain way back when I graduated from college. It started out as a spot to keep all my geeky projects. Now, my life is focused on my wife and four wonderful children, so you'll note that most of the content is about them. Please feel free to navigate the menus above for the major sections of the site, or read on for some recent blog postings.

Recent blog entries:

The Season of Legos

Legos. Yes, sometimes I might curse them under my breath when I step on an errant piece. But otherwise, they are the stuff of dreams in our house. I don't think I played with Legos very much when I was little, but my brother definitely did. He ...

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To My Son on His Fifth Birthday

Dear Evan,

Happy fifth birthday, my dear son. You have been thrilled to get to have three birthday celebrations, as is common in this family - your friend party, your family party, and your Tiger School party. You wanted to have your fr...

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Variations on a Theme

Friendships are important, life-sustaining. Friends from different stages of my life are crucial in different ways. Friends from youth have seen me develop from a little child into a teenager trying to figure out which direction my life would t...

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I have been inspired by lot of blogs that I read online, and my style of blog writing has definitely changed since I first started writing. When Jason started our blog, I didn't really know much about blogging. It seemed like a really neat idea...

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Grateful for the Chaos

We've celebrated Chanukah, and are now rounding the corner to enjoy Christmas, which will be followed by ringing in the new year. The kids are all able to understand and participate in holiday traditions at their own levels, and it's fun to wat...

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Thanksgiving, In a Nutshell

“She’s like a baby, I’m like a cat;
When we are happy, we both get fat and still
It’s never enough, It’s never enough
It’s never enough…
Her life in a nutshell
No way would she want it...

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Sick Days

Sometimes, your plans fall through. Sometimes, when your oldest child is home for two days with a fever, you have to cancel your plans to take the twins to story hour. Sometimes, you have to accept that you won't get out of the house today. Som...

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The Neighborhood

We live at the end of a little street with three houses. We are fortunate enough to have our driveway plus some extra space outside our house which is just perfect for bike riding and outdoor exploring. It is a straight shot from our house to t...

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Fields of Gold

“See the children run as the sun goes down Among the fields of gold” “Fields of Gold,” Sting

This past Columbus Day weekend was full of all the things that make New England in the fall glorious. Beautiful weather, vibrant foliage, a...

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When we celebrated Sukkot with our temple this past weekend, in addition to the usual meanings associated with the holiday, namely celebrating the harvest season and remembering the 40 years the Jews wandered in the desert before entering the p...

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