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Alike But Not the Same

by Amy

Nora and Maya were recently given a series of books authored by Grace Lin, detailing the adventures of a set of identical twins named Ling and Ting. Immediately, the girls were fascinated by these sisters, who as one title states, are "Not Exactly the Same." Ling and Ting have many similarities, but also have small differences that become more evident as you progress through the stories.

Likewise for Nora and Maya. Many people ask me to describe the girls' personalities comparatively. I find this hard to do at first attempt, but the more I talk about it, the more subtle differences emerge. When the girls were babies, it was hard to be alert enough to do anything other than attend to their needs. With each passing year, I have found it a little easier to get in touch with their individual personalities - with Nora and with Maya.

On the evening before they turn four, I've used the haiku form (as I did for Seth) to attempt to describe their salient characteristics. Nora and Maya. Maya and Nora. Alike but not the same.


Sweet as honey; laughs
Tip of tongue on upper lip
Sings with dulcet voice


Revels in frosting
Directs show with clear vision
Caresses my ear