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French Toast Thursdays

by Amy

Every Thursday morning the dining hall is open is a French Toast Thursday. Jason has become the "brunch" chef in our house - when we have a relaxed weekend morning, he is a pro at whipping up french toast, pancakes, waffles, or crepes - following his recipes carefully. He is a computer scientist, after all.

But on Thursday mornings, the dining hall does the work, and offers up delicious home-made French Toast. Thursday mornings the girls stay home with me - a "home morning," as they call it. So a little before seven, Jason heads off to the dining hall with Evan and Seth for breakfast before he drops Seth at the bus stop and Evan at pre-school. It is their weekly ritual, and all three of them look forward to it.

Jason and I both try to have routines like these, with different combinations of the six of us, that the kids enjoy and will hopefully remember. We are very fortunate that our schedules allow us to be present at breakfasts and dinners, at bathtimes and bedtimes.

The week can be hectic and tiring, chaotic and muddled, but such is life for all of us. Bright, reliable points such as French Toast Thursdays are fun for the kids, as well as their parents. And what better way to start off the day than with these smiling faces!