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Sick Days

by Amy

Sometimes, your plans fall through. Sometimes, when your oldest child is home for two days with a fever, you have to cancel your plans to take the twins to story hour. Sometimes, you have to accept that you won't get out of the house today. Sometimes, you have to abandon your plans of keeping the house organized, and just embrace the chaos. Sometimes, you focus on the fact that everyone is home and safe, and take care of your sick child. And sometimes you play in your house all day and treat that as an exciting event.

Sometimes, you play mommy and baby.

Sometimes, you pretend to take a nap in unusual places.

Sometimes, you all put your heads together to figure out a certain toy.

Sometimes, you sit in booster seats instead of high chairs for the first time.

Sometimes, you pretend to drive to the museum.

Sometimes, you snuggle with your older brother in the new chair.

Sometimes, you put together a new Lego set with you big brother.

Sometimes, you find your little sister impersonating you with your book and your reading glasses.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you breath a small sigh relief when everyone goes back to school.