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Fields of Gold

by Amy

“See the children run as the sun goes down Among the fields of gold” “Fields of Gold,” Sting

This past Columbus Day weekend was full of all the things that make New England in the fall glorious. Beautiful weather, vibrant foliage, and so many options for enjoying nature in all its splendor. Fall is definitely my favorite season, and as we’ve added children to our family and our children have grown, it has become something I really enjoy sharing with them. When Seth was born, I remember figuring out all those firsts - first seasons, first Halloweens, first birthdays. I remember thinking, “I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I think this is how you go about making memories!” Now, with our family complete with four children, I really try to provide seasonal traditions for them to enjoy, not just to check items off on my list, but so they will remember them with fondness when they are older.

We are very fortunate that our children are all fairly easy-going and good-natured. When we suggest activities, they are usually enthusiastic and willing and truly enjoy what we are doing. People often tell us that we manage to take the children a lot of places, and that’s true. But part of it is because it is often easier for us to enjoy the day if we have a particular activity that we are going to - it breaks up the day and gives the kids something to look forward to. If you had told us when the babies were newborns that we would be able to maintain our seasonal traditions, we probably would have laughed! However, we are finding that the girls get excited to be included on all the outings with their brothers now - it makes them feel like part of the gang.

They will remember how we celebrated autumn. There is something about the pumpkins in the fall - the rich oranges hues, the different textures, the various sizes. Seeing your children nestled amongst the majestic globes - you can almost smell the crisp fall air.

The months of September and October are truly magical - full of new beginnings, but familiar all the same. It is the time to savor being out of doors - to enjoy the green grass and hear your crunchy footsteps. The fall starts out chilly in the mornings, but warm by the end of the day, until the real winds of winter blow us indoors. These months are for running around until you are red cheeked and going down the slide just one more time.

Children are so full of wonder. I want to teach my children to embrace the fall, to embrace every season. Our children do run in fields of gold, and I will run with them for as long as they will let me. It is so easy to do things like collect leaves and decorate the yard - these are memories that will be long-lasting for them. Picking up just one more leaf, or looking at just one more acorn - I try to make time. These golden mornings and afternoons, these are what childhoods are made of.