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Last Third of the Summer in Photos: Sleepovers, Swimming, and Sprinklers

by Amy

Since we are midway through September, we wanted to catch up on the rest of the events of the summer before we start into pictures of apple and pumpkin picking! We had a great summer, and no better way to describe it than through pictures!

Posing with camp counselor (and Paint It Like Picasso teacher) Valerie:

Sitting in Suffield's brand new fire engine:

Blowing big bubbles at the magic show on the green:

Embarking on a first solo sleepover at Geema's:

Playing at the park with Mommy and Daddy while Seth was sleeping at Geema's:

Enjoying special time with Geema:

Having lunch with friends before pickng up big brother:

Pushing big brother in a wagon:

Pausing at the top of the slide:

Having fun at swimming lessons:

Eating goldfish at swimming lessons:

Racing with noodles:

Writing words without help from adults:

Face-planting on the couch:

Reading with Auntie Kara:

Creating birthday cards:

Visiting family in Rhode Island:

Taking a dance lesson at a local public library:

Riding the zoo train at the Forest Park Zoo:

Touring the zoo:

Testing our wingspan:

Drinking in a chair:

Concentrating in tandem:

Posing with best buddies:

Perfecting new skills:

Playing with duck toys:

Exploring the Amelia Park Children's Museum:

Having a dance party (#1):

Meeting John and Gina's daughter Caroline for the first time (!):

Strolling in town:

Painting a beautiful rainbow:

Trying a family night of mini-golf:

One last trip to the beach (CT shore):

Receiving new toys:

Watching Winne the Pooh at Papa's:

Having fun at the Heath Fair:

Sitting still for a concentrating period of time listening to a bluegrass band:

Having fun in the river:

Throwing rocks (with an "AHHH" sound effect):

Loving the river:


Visiting the Little Red Schoolhouse:

Using the vacuum:

Wearing a hats (someone else's for Evan):

Enjoying ice cream:

Relaxing in the yard:

Signing more:

Snuggling on a chair:

Enjoying the evening:

Playing with shoes:

Taking a break from the sprinkler:

Sleeping on the way home:

Eating at Dunkin Donuts:

Practicing letters:

Experimenting at gymnastics:

Practicing skills:

Having a dance party (#2):

Reading with Auntie Carolyn:

Meeting up at the Beardsley Zoo with Chris, Cathy, and Eleanor

Hanging out at the playplace at the mall:

Getting some sprinkler time:

Spraying Mommy:


Drying off:

Posing in coordinated outfits:

Starting the first day of school:

Going to the back-to-school party:

Pulling little brother:

Visiting the playground: