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July (So Far) In Pictures: Outings, Camps, and Blueberries!

by Amy

Lots going on around the Healy house in July so far. What better way to show you than with pictures!

Concentrating at the sand and water table:

Playing with trains at the library:

Making fairy houses with Geema at a library program:

Snuggling with Geema after a long walk:

Celebrating the 4th of July in Shelburne Falls:

Waiting for the parade:

Jumping for candy:

Playing with balloon rockets:

Hanging out on a big tire:

Creating rocketship town:

Exploring a new library:

Spending time with Auntie Carolyn:


Exploring the playground at Grams' school:


Visiting Elizabeth Park with Geema:

Stopping to smell the roses:

Taking off to explore the roses:

Starting tennis lessons:

Starting town Morning Munchkins Camp:

Exercising on the bike path:

Getting ready for beach day at camp:

Having playdates with buddies:

Relaxing with daddy:

Making mudpies:

More learning at tennis lessons:

Throwing rocks while big brother is in tennis lessons:

Dancing at a concert on the town green:

Trying to take a good-bye picture:

Finishing tennis lessons:

Celebrating at Gina's baby shower:

Visiting Geema at work:

Picking blueberries with friends (LOTS of blueberries):

Finding the best bush to pick from:

Enjoying bounty from our farm share:

Evan enjoying his first session of gymnastics lessons:

Bouncing in the block pit:

Dancing on the green:

Volunteering to sing a solo! (Old MacDonald Had a Farm):

Sharing special time with Mommy while Big Brother is at camp:

Singing in a talent show:

Spreading out all the crafts from camp:

Riding a steam train in Essex:

Enjoying rides at the circus in Essex:

Even enjoying the spinning tea cups:

Running after big bubbles:

Assisting a clown: