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June in Pictures: Concerts, Cape Cod, and Cousins!!!

by Amy

We thought we'd show you what we've been up to this summer in pictures:

Building rocketships:

Playing ball (and playing with shoes):

Enjoying some snuggle time:

Having our annual photoshoot with Alexandra Tremaine, this year in Fairfield, CT:

Sitting in chairs in matching pajamas:

Having the Tiger Den End-Of-Year Show (in home-made tie-dye):

Even the one-year-olds were dancing away (note: only one shoe):

Representing the Aloha State:

Celebrating after the show:

Participating in children's theater (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs):

Visiting with Nana (and yes, Evan has figured out how to get his finger up his nose!):

Snuggling with Grandma:

Giggling with Grandpa:

Learning horseshoes from the master (note Seth's form!):

Laughing and playing row your boat in the red wagon:

Swinging in the end-of-year gymnastics show:

Proudly receiving a medal:

Smiling with Grams:

Making blanket forts:

Reading in the buff:

Releasing our tadpoles:

Shrieking with joy in the sprinkler at Papa's:

Happy cousins cuddling in a blanket:

Cousins sharing a meal:

Family posing for pictures (good try, Evan):

Celebrating an engagement:

Hanging out in a hoodie:

Cousins running a flowershop:

Cousins playing games:

Cousins enjoying a children's museum:

Enjoying Cape Cod:

Spending time with our friends:

Resting in the tent:

Being buried in the sand:

Watching the Muppet Show: