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Enjoying the Last Few Days of the Trip - And Flying Back Home

by Amy

We definitely made the most of the last few days of our trip. Sunday, we had fun cooking a mobile playground equipment - he got a workout letting Seth ride around on his back!

While Judy took a drive around the north shore, the four of us spent another afternoon at the beach. We had to make the most of that beautiful blue water! Jason was right when we first met to be a "beach snob" when I took him to New England beaches. There really is nothing like the brilliant blue water of Hawaiʻi - no seaweed! We had a little trouble finding parking, so we went to a different part of Waikīkī beach than usual, and the surf was a little bigger than the boys were used to. They had a great time getting "boomed" by the waves, though it was tiring for us!

When everyone returned, we had a nice dinner with Anne and Tom, followed by a fun game night at the house. We had a great time with boys had fun playing with everyone before they went to bed, and it was fun to all hang out and play games.

Monday was our last full day in Hawaiʻi. We took one last trip to Evan started to do the same. We all loved our meal, and left with our bellies full.

We had The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" and "Open and Shut Them."

Tuesday morning, we had to say good-bye to Anne and Tom. We had an awesome visit, and we thank them so much for everything! The flight home was definitely long, and we were so grateful to have Judy with us on the way home, like Mom had been with us on the way out. We left Hawaiʻi in the morning, flew overnight, and arrived back in Suffield on Wednesday morning. The boys were troopers - Seth and Grams were buddies - and Evan did a good job. Luckily, both boys were tired on the last two flights since it was night-time, so they slept for a good portion. I won't get into all the details of having to switch seats to accommodate our car seats. Let's just say that Jason will be happy not to have to strap another car seat into an airplane seat for a while. He definitely wins the award for supreme patience on the airplane trips.

We all made it back to the house, and Judy headed home. All four of us took a nap, and tried to get back on a regular sleep schedule. Seth didn't have much problem re-adjusting to East Coast time, but poor Evan took a full week. The first couple nights he was up until 2:30am (which was 8:30pm Hawaiʻi time), and let's just say it was a challenge to keep him entertained until he fell asleep.

But, we had an amazing time, and we are already looking forward to going back in a couple years. It's so nice to have the boys grow up knowing Daddy's native Hawaiʻi, and it was amazing to be able to share it with our moms! Thanks Mom and Judy, and Anne and Tom and Bandit!