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All the Family Favorites in Hawaii!

by Amy

We still had a little less than a week of our trip left, so we were ready to visit some of the Healy family favorites with Judy. On Thursday, the first order of business was getting Seth's stitches out!! This all went smoothly, and he was so excited to be rid of those stitches!

We decided to celebrate by first shave ice with Judy. We enjoyed seeing all the animals, and Seth was especially interested in finding the hippos. He told us hippos were his favorite animals because "hippos take big bites of food, and I like to take big bites of food."

Seth was also very interested in the zoo map, and spent a long time reading the map and "directing" us toward the hippos. Evan was happy to look at the animals, and did eventually take a crawl up through a tunnel and then pop his head out in the middle of a pool of fish. We realized a little too late how grateful we were he was a good listener - there was nothing actually keeping the kids from jumping into the pool if they were so inclined! Luckily, Seth was content to watch. Another funny moment was seeing a tortoises being fed their dinner of salad, and watching them "speed" to their food. When we left, Seth said, "Bye turtles, enjoy your picnic!"

We capped off Thursday evening with another visit to see Sarah and Meg at Champa Thai. First, we did a little aloha shirt photo shoot. There were lots of people at dinner on this particular night, and it was fun to catch up with our friends Sarah, Pat, and Dave.

Friday was a typical, sunny Hawaiian day, so we decided to take a trip to Kahala Beach with fell asleep on my shoulder as we were walking back to the car. We had a yummy take-out lunch from Wahoo's Fish Tacos, a restaurant owned by one of Jason's Punahou classmates.

Friday evening, we reenacted a Friday night classic from Jason's childhood. Jason and his family used to go to Queen Surf Beach in Waikīkī with several close family friends, including Laurie and her husband, Dave. We decided to have a pizza picnic at the same beach, and it was fun to think of all the Healys doing the same thing every Friday night in their childhoods. crabs, and a fun time was had by all.

On Saturday, it was time for another trip to Punahou. Judy was interested to visit campus, and to see the new kindergarten center, where she used to teach. They had completed a huge renovation recently, and we all wanted to check it out. Boy, was it beautiful! Once you walk up a big hill, it's like walking into an oasis! A playing up there, and Judy told us lots of stories about when she worked there. After we left, we went on a little driving tour of some places that Judy used to live when she first moved to Hawaii. Then, we finished up with lunch at Zippy's - definitely a family favorite!

After resting up in the afternoon, we headed into Seth her lei.

It was definitely a fun few days, revisiting all the Healy greatest hits!!!