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Seth Turns 3 - Rainbow Parties Galore!

by Amy

Back on May 8, Seth turned 3 years old! Hard to believe that our first born little man is a big guy! Of course, he still likes to be called a little guy, not a big boy. When we started talking about Seth's birthday a couple months back, he decided that he wanted a "rainbow party." This came about because of an episode of the tv show "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" - the kids learned about rainbows, and sing this cute song which Seth loves to sing. So he decided that a rainbow party was what he wanted!

We had two parties - one on Saturday for a few on Seth's friends, and one of Sunday for the grandparents (it was also Mother's Day so we celebrated Mother's Day as well). Seth was so excited about his parties and helped us pick out decorations and get the house all decked out in rainbow gear. At his kids' party, we set up a rainbow craft - projects with rainbow colored Cheerios - but the kids were content to play in the playroom with Seth's toys. They all had a blast, and Seth was so excited to have them over.

At his family party, it was fun to celebrate with all the grandparents, in addition to Michael, Uncle Bill, Aunt Michele, and cousin Jason. The brunch food Jason made was yummy, and Geema made a pretty rainbow fruit salad plate to go with the party theme! Seth was excited to get many rainbow gifts, including a rainbow umbrella, a rainbow cape, and Candyland, and many rainbow books. He also had fun giving out Mother's Day cards with messages that he dictated, as well as photographs. It is nice to see that he enjoys giving as well as receiving.

All in all, it was a great third birthday party, and we will never forget his Rainbow Parties!