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Long Overdue Updates - Busy Month of April

by Amy

Wow, it's been way too long since we've written an update! It's been busy times around here these last couple months! After our fun spring break in March, we had lots of fun visits, birthdays, and outings in April.

First, it was my birthday, and we celebrated with a visit from my brother, Brian! We hadn't seen him since last summer, so it was great for him to come out and see Seth and meet Evan! Uncle Brian and Geema cooked me a wonderful birthday dinner, which was a nice treat. Jason had to spend most of that weekend busy with school duties, so it was very nice to have Geema and Brian around. Seth was very excited to be reunited with Uncle Brian. We spent lots of time on walks and at playgrounds, and Seth had so much fun! We spent a day in Wethersfield - we showed Seth the house where we grew up, which he thought was interesting. He's still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Geema is my mother, that we had relationships before he was born! We also spent a nice evening when Brian was here with Aunt Michele and Uncle Bill, and cousin Jason got to meet Evan.

We also celebrated Passover by attending the annual seder at our good friends Richie and Helene's house. Seth was much more curious about the ritual this year, and he had a good time finding the afikomen and getting his prize. Everyone was excited to meet Evan at his first seder! It's so nice to be part of this yearly event! We also celebrated Jason's birthday and Grams' birthday.

My good friend Jill visited from Maryland, and so we got to spend time with her and her children, Isaac and Alice, along with all the other Wethersfield chickies and their families. It is amazing how we have all been friends for so long - some since elementary school, some middle school, and some high school. All our gatherings started out as just us girls, then over the years we've added husbands, and now we've added kids! It's incredible to see our children playing together! Then our good friend Sarah visited from England with her husband Max and her daughter Zoe, so the good times continued to roll for the Wethersfield girls! Doesn't get much better than that. Jill and Sarah were excited to meet Evan for the first time!

We got to see our niece, Jade, who is graduating from high school and was out visiting from Seattle so Grams and Papa could take her on a trip to scout out colleges. We got to spend one night with her, and it was great to see her! She was so excited to meet Evan, and she had a great time with Seth. Seth hadn't seen Jade for some time, so he didn't exactly remember who she was, but we told him she was family, and he just accepted that and immediately took her into the playroom to play. Such an adaptable little guy! We had an early Easter dinner together before Jade went home.

We celebrated Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt at Seth's friend Maeve's grandmother's house - even though it was raining, the kids still had a blast. They had been practicing egg hunts at daycare, so Seth was an old pro. Then, for Easter day, we went up to cousin Lindsay and Jeremy's country club like we did last year. It was great to spend the day with Lindsay, Jeremy, Lila, Zachary, Sachem, Nana, Aunt Sandi, Tom, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Nancy. Seth had so much fun playing with his cousin Lila at the country club and also back at her house. It is always funny how much kids love playing with toys at other kids' houses. Seth also taught Lila how to jump off the little landing into their den - it was hysterical to see the two of them jumping together, Seth running full steam ahead and Lila jumping very daintily! Nana made little Easter baskets for Seth and Lila, which was so sweet. Grandma Nancy also made some wonderful Easter baskets for the boys that Seth and Evan loved!

That's all for this update - keep your eyes peeled for a couple more updates on Seth's 3rd birthday, May activities, and milestone summaries!