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New Pictures Posted

by Jason

Poor Seth is getting over a cough and had a rough night with little sleep last night (which meant we all had a rough night with little sleep). However, we're hoping he's on the mend and will be feeling better tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've finally found the time to catch up on our pictures from February 22nd through April 2nd. There are all sorts of great photos in there, covering lots of visits and all of our spring break adventures. Check out the gallery for pictures of Katie, Sam, Chuck, and Jenn visiting, a visit to the West Hartford Children's museum with Geema, a trip to Rhode Island to see Nana, dressing up for Purim, cousin Lila playing with Seth, going to a butterfly sanctuary with Papa, a trip to the Springfield Quadrangle (Suess memorial) with Grams, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Nancy coming to visit, and Papa cramming himself in the back of our car. Of course, there are plenty of shots of the family hanging out at home as well.

Hope all is well with everyone, and we'll hope to send more news soon!