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Seth Turns Two and Gets His Cupcakes, Pudding, and Guitar!

by Amy

Seth celebrated his second birthday on Saturday, and he had a great time at the birthday party at our house. Guests included Geema, Michael, Papa, Grams, Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Joe, Uncle John, Aunt Nancy, Auntie Kara, Aunt Michele, Uncle Bill, Ericka, Walter, Jessica, and Lisa. The theme for Seth's party was music, as he loves to sing and dance these days. We had some fun decorations, including an inflatable guitar and saxophone that Seth enjoyed playing with. As soon as the guests started arriving, Seth stood in the middle of everyone bopping a balloon around, laughing gleefully. He had fun being doted on and being the center of attention. We were so grateful to have our family and friends present.

He did a great job opening his gifts, and was very patient when he couldn't take each and every gift out of its packaging. It did help that we opened a few for him! He got a bubble wand which was very similar to a dustbuster. He loves our dustbuster, so right away, he started pretending to clean the floor. Seth was a very lucky boy - he got so many nice toys, books, and clothes. Geema and Michael got Seth a wooden kitchen set, which he loves and calls "my own kitchen." Grams and Papa got Seth an easel, that you can use as a chalkboard, a whiteboard, or for painting. He is already having a blast with this and has made several masterpieces, even utilizing the "paintbrush in each hand" move.

Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Joe got Seth a guitar (actually a ukelele), and he was about as excited as could be! He opened it up, sat right down on his little chair (Mommy and Daddy got Seth his own table and chairs) and started performing for everyone. He seemed to know just how to hold the guitar and strum it, and sing while playing. It was pretty impressive! He would say "Thank you Grandpa Joe" and pump his fist in the air as he played. It was very cute!

Seth blew out his candle on his cupcake - the cupcakes were decorated with a music note in the frosting. He couldn't believe his luck that he got to eat a cupcake and pudding. This was quite a change from his first birthday when he hated the frosting! This year, he couldn't get enough. So, his wish of "cake, pudding, and a guitar" for his birthday came true.

We are so lucky and blessed to have little Seth in our lives. When we ask him if he is a baby or a big boy, some days he will say "baby" and some days he will say "big boy." It's fitting, because we see him as both!

His language continues to increase in leaps and bounds. He heard us calling him cute and told us "I'm so cute!" He said "Can I roll back over?" when we were putting some cream on his back. We have actual conversations, which is lots of fun. He is still figuring out pronouns - the English language is complicated! We'll say "Can I pick you up?" and he'll answer "Pick you up." I think this is a very hard skill to master!

Seth is very excited about throwing and kicking balls these days. We are working on rolling or bouncing them gently in the house, and throwing outside. Seth has so much energy and excitement that it helps to be clear about the rules with him. We love him so much and have so much fun everyday!