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November Fun

by Amy

We've had a great few weeks with little Seth. First, a few weekends ago, we took Seth to see the Williams campus for the first time! It was homecoming weekend, so Papa was generous enough to host us plus many of our Williams friends. Jess, Steve, Chris, Cathy, Chuck, Jenn, and little Katie all stayed with us at Win's house, and we had a great time. It was fun to all be together, and Seth loved being reunited and running around with Katie. Despite a rainy weekend, we headed over to Williams on Saturday, and Seth got his first tour of the campus. We headed down to the football game so Chuck, Jason, and Steve could hang out with the band (Steve was the only one brave enough to stay there the whole day to play with the band), and Seth got to see his first football game. He learned how to say "football" and had fun splashing around in his raincoat when we walked around campus.

We've also had a great Thanksgiving holiday. The first weekend, we headed to Rhode Island to visit Grandpa Joe and Grandma Nancy. Their house is set up in a big circle, and he loved running around and around. And around! Nana came over to visit, and Seth had so much fun playing with her. We had dinner with Aunt Sandi, Tom, Zack, and Danielle, and had a great time.

It was nice to have the week of Thanksgiving off (well, at least I did, Jason had to work a few days) and we had fun hanging around Suffield and visiting with Geema. We had a great Thanksgiving hosted by Uncle Bill and Aunt Michele. Seth was fascinated with an old drum of cousin Jason's, their Roomba, and a little antique riding horse that Uncle Bill let him ride. It was great to celebrate the holiday with our family. Seth also had an epiphany and realized that Geema's name was "GEEE-MA," and he was so proud of himself.

Then, last weekend, we headed up to the farm to continue the celebration with Papa. Seth loves being up at the farm with Papa, and they can play "Boom" to their hearts' content. Seth also enjoys running around on Papa's lawn and picking up sticks, playing with a ball on the lawn, and going in the hot tub with Papa. We had visits from many of Jason's aunts, uncles, and cousins, and Seth loved being the center of attention. Many thanks to Auntie Bunny for indulging Seth and "Hop hopping" for him! :)

Seth continues to understand and learn new words left and right. He can follow multi-part directions (run to daddy and give him a kiss), and seems to learn multiple new words every day. His new ones are "slippy" (slippery), dumptruck, animals, and stacking. He loves to look for "Mama Bunny" and Baby Bunny" in Runaway Bunny, and can fill in all the last words in the lines of his new favorite book, Moo, Ba, La La La. He's started to use the words "some, this one, and another" appropriately. He now repeats "I love you," much to our delight!

Seth is a giggly, funny, boy. He likes to play the game where when we push his nose, and it goes "beep." Then he beeps our noses, too. He likes to play the game with me where we pretend to be "sleeping" and then we "wake up." He loves to dance and sing, and can fill in more and more words in songs. He's very patient with his puzzles and his sorting blocks. He wants to find the place where the shape fits, and asks for help less and less. He still uses his baby signs for "more" and "help," and sometimes "sleep"," but words have definitely taken over.

We can't believe how much Seth has matured since he was born. How did he get to be almost 19 months old? He is picky with what he eats because that's a toddler's prerogative. We are still waiting for his top canine teeth to come all the way through, because they seem to be causing him pain. When we ask if anything hurts, he answers yes to every body part we suggest, makes the sign for hurt, and asks for his "boo boo buddy" (ice pack). Alas, he is not the most reliable reporter yet!

He is definitely starting to enter the stage where he is getting more impulsive in his climbing, running, etc., so we are alert at all times. He is also starting to realize he can assert his preference - for example, he can cry and lie on the ground if he doesn't want to leave somewhere. It will be a learning experience for all of us as we navigate this next period of development, but with Seth, it is always a joy, no matter what!