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"Bless You, Mama"

by Amy

Though almost anything Seth does warms my heart, the phrase "Bless you, Mama" when I sneeze or cough is about the cutest thing you could ever hear. In his sweet little voice, these words are just as cute as you would imagine! Jason has also been teaching him to say "I love you," and he is starting to learn that, too!

Seth is doing well. He just had his 18-month check-up, and all seems to be on track. He weighs 23 pounds 10 ounces (still in the 10-25%ile), and is 32 inches high (still in the 50%ile). He's finally grown a foot since he was born! His developmental milestones are right on target - pretend play, walking backwards, identifying body parts, lots of language development. He did a good job in the doctor's office while he was examined and while we talked to the doctor. He is certainly so MUCH more mobile now than the little newborn we brought in to the doctor's 18 months ago! He didn't love his vaccinations, but got over them fairly quickly.

We had a fun weekend - a visit from Meredith and Michaela, a day around the house on Saturday getting things done and playing in the leaves. Then, a swimming lesson on Sunday, followed by a fun trip to West Hartford, where we visited Great-Aunt Charlotte, and were treated to a wonderful home-cooked meal by Geema and Michael. Seth had fun running around the apartment, and always enjoys the extra attention. We also made our first trip to a Stride Rite shoe store, and we got Seth his first pair of winter boots! Very exciting!

Seth has started filling in the last words in sentences in songs and books - Goodnight Moon, Hippos Go Berserk, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, No More Pie (song from Music Together). It is so cute! He'll guess something that sounds like a letter if we pause in the ABC song. He's started calling all his grandmothers "Granma," and he started to call me "Mommmy" in addition to "Mama." He's been calling Jason "Daddy" for quite some time, so this was fun to hear. He says "Hello" in addition to "Hi," and says "Yes" now if he wants something.

He's getting into more pretend play. He likes to make two similar objects (crayons, straws, keys) kiss and say "Mwwwa!" He makes his little puzzle piece animals walk, and can drive a car along a road that we make for him out of blocks. He likes to imitate Daddy and have his own bowl of cereal and milk. He likes to sit in Mommy's space on the couch and snuggle under a blanket. He likes to direct his play, too - moving things around and saying "Mommy, sit down."

We bought Seth a potty last week, not to start toilet training per se, but to have in the bathroom so he gets used to what it looks like. He loves to sit on it, talk to it, and take out the bowl and point at the floor and say "Pee pee." We try to explain to him that the bowl needs to be in there before he can pee on it! We also brought home the special rocking chair that was Geema's, and then mine, and now Seth's. He loves to sit on it, say "rocking chair," and rock. What could be better than that!