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A Kitty Cat on Halloween!

by Jason

Seth celebrated his second Halloween in style dressed as a black kitty cat with pink ears! Many of you will remember his Halloween debut last year as the cutest little cow. We had to follow suit this year with something equally as cute, and we think we delivered with the cat costume. There are pictures up on our photo site. When we tried the costume on Seth, he wasn't too keen about wearing the little kitty hood, but once he figured out he was dressing up as his beloved favorite animal, he got right into the spirit. He had fun giving Grams an advance preview of his costume over video chat.

On Friday, they had the annual daycare Halloween costume parade, and Seth was in the spirit with his costume, complete with little drawn on black whiskers. Saturday we went trick-or-treating with one of Seth's friends - they were so cute riding in a red wagon together. I don't think Seth understands what trick-or-treating is, but we wanted to start the tradition with him. Even though he couldn't eat the candy, he knew it was something good because he kept holding it (in the wrapper) and saying "Yummy!"

Grandpa Joe and Grandma Nancy came down on Saturday to be part of the Halloween celebration, and we all had a great time seeing them. Seth was excited to spend time with them, and loved the Halloween treat basket they brought him, complete with two new books, a new ball, and lots and lots of Seth's favorite fruit. He was so funny - he was taking out all the fruit and distributing it to all of us - guess he's getting into sharing. He had fun showing off all his new skills and having his grandparents read him lots of books!

Little Seth still has a bit of a cough, but luckily it is nothing major. Knock on wood! He is getting teeth #15 and #16 in - they have disrupted his sleep a little. After this, hopefully we will get a little break before the last four (two-year molars) come in, unless he is ahead of the curve on teeth!

He's working on motor skills, fine and gross. He's getting much better at eating with a fork (especially, pasta, or "bahsty", his favorite food of the week). He can pick up multiple items in one hand, and is very good at stacking and arranging. He is also better at throwing and kicking a ball then I am! We taught him to say "Ready, 1, 2, 3!" before he throws the ball to us, so that is very cute! He also has started saying "jump!" and trying to jump off the ground - he's not really catching any air yet, but it's very cute. He also likes to spin around and walk backwards. He can clap his hands and stomp his feet when directed to in a song, and he says "march" and marches in place. With help, he is also learning to go up stairs while holding onto the railing.

He's also saying plenty of new things! When the phone rings, he drops everything, runs across the room and says "I got it!" Where did he learn this? When we sneeze (or cough) he says "bless you" and "sneeze." When doing puzzles or experimenting with objects, he says "fit" or "no fit." He also started saying "What is it?" This was prompted by the appearance of a mysterious new object - a humidifier! We are sure "what" will soon be followed with "why!" He's started to understand numbers somewhat - he says "two dogs" if we walk by two dogs! Also, he is starting to understand feelings in a basic sense. He says "yummy" and just started to say "funny" if we laugh or he thinks something is funny. He's saying more and more two and three-word sentences, and longer "nonsense" sentences.

Well, we are eager to see what Seth will learn this week! We hope you all have a great week!