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Return of the Photo Gallery

by Jason

The Photo Gallery is back! Well, it's been back for a little while now, but I've been trying to catch up on the large backlog of photos since the server crash in June.

We now have all of the pictures up from this summer (through the end of August), covering the many things we did. This includes our trip to Lake Tahoe with the Healys, Mount Shasta to visit Brian, Cape Cod with Katie, Chuck, and Jenn, and many other visits with friends and family!

Unfortunately, the program I used for the old web gallery doesn't exist anymore (at least, not in the same form), so I've changed to a new program. It's a little different, but the major features are still there. It has a "slide show" feature if you want to look at all the pictures in an album, and you can also use the left and right arrow keys to skip between pictures quickly. Finally, you can still order a print from Shutterfly or download the original images to your computer using the links at the bottom.

If you've forgotten the password, or if you have other questions, just e-mail us. We'll keep working to catch up on the photos...