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A Trip to the Zoo, A Great Swim, and a Clean House

by Amy

We've had fun over the past few days! On Saturday, we took Seth on his first trip to the zoo. We went to the Lupa Zoo in Ludlow on recommendation from a friend at school. It was great! A zoo that started as Mr. Lupa's personal collection, all the animals were in habitats that seemed very comfortable for them. Seth saw a bobcat, birds, monkeys, pigs, chicks, guinea pigs, ostriches, and much more. The highlight was that we got to go up on a platform and feed a giraffe! This was definitely the tallest living thing Seth has ever seen, and he was quite impressed!

On Monday, Seth had his first swimming lesson where he really didn't cry at all!! So exciting. I went in the water with him and our instructor, and I think he finally figured out he can have just as much fun in an indoor pool as an outdoor pool. He splashed, kicked, floated, tried to blow bubbles, and even let us hold onto him as he "jumped" into the pool for the whole half hour. It was great!

Seth is big into imitation these days, and his new favorite activity is throwing out his own diaper in the diaper pail! He's seen us do it so many times, that now he loves to do it. After the diaper change, he gets so excited when we hand him the diaper. He runs to the kitchen door and waits for us to open it. Then he runs over to the diaper pail, throws the diaper in, and helps us turn the handle. Then we say bye-bye to the diaper! He also likes to help me wipe his high chair after he eats! So cute!

Right now, he is big into practicing "B" words - baby, bu bu (bubbles), ball, bottle, bunny, banana. Today, for the first time, he said "a ball" instead of "ball" - wow, I was impressed. Tonight he went to bed at 7pm, earliest bedtime in quite a while. He got his first molar last week, and we think he is teething. We'll see how he sleeps! Gotta love the little man!!