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Milestones Galore - Seth Walks, Gets More Teeth, and Gets His First Haircut!

by Amy

It has been an exciting few weeks since we last wrote! However, poor Sethie was sick for much of the time - daycare was just decimated with so many germs, which is common for this time of the winter. Over the past month, he went from a cold to a cough to a stomach flu back to a could/cough. Of course, we ended up with the stomach flu, too, which was no fun. Seth finished up with an ear infection, but after starting antibiotics, seemed to be feeling much better. Now, he seems to be back to normal, as his appetite and energy are back. He seems so happy just to be feeling better that he is excitedly babbling and motoring around. We are so glad he is feeling better, though he was a good sport through everything. We have just finished the first week of our three week spring break, so we are hoping all the daycare germs will clear out in the interim!

Around March 1, we noticed that Seth was teething again. We could see three or four buds on the top. He only fusses a bit and has a little trouble sleeping at night when he is teething. We are amazed, because if you think about it, it must really hurt to have a tooth poking through your gums. About a week later, we really noticed that his right front tooth had poked through, and now it is partway out. He has discovered that he can grind it against his bottom teeth, a noise that Jason does not like! But Seth is so cute we don't mind!

Another big milestone was that on March 7, one day before his ten month birthday, Seth got his first haircut! We had been thinking about having it cut for a while, because his long baby hair was in his eyes, so we finally decided to do it. We went to the woman who cuts Jason's hair. We walked Seth there in the stroller, and when I took him out, he stayed asleep throughout the whole haircut! It was so funny because we had to move him around so the hairdresser could get to all parts of his head, but it made it easy that he was asleep! He woke up right at the end. He looks so cute, more and more like a little boy!

We've gotten to see a lot of family in the past week. Grams just arrived for a visit from Chicago, so we have been having lots of fun with her. We also spent time with Geema, Uncle Brian, Aunt Michele, Uncle Bill, and cousin Jason. Right now, we are up at the farm with Papa and Grams. As soon as we got here, Seth loved the big open spaces to crawl around, and was really cruising and taking individual steps. Then, just today, he started standing for longer periods of time, and all of a sudden started walking! He would let go of his learning table or the couch and take two or three steps towards us. Then by the end of the night, with Bunny and Jay watching, he was taking five or six steps while babbling and smiling excitedly! He's so proud of himself, and we are proud of him!

Our little baby is growing into a little boy! He is babbling even more, and eating more and more kinds of foods. He is getting more adventurous in his play, and has been putting things in bowls/boxes in addition to taking them out. He is starting to get the hang of "so big," and has invented this new rapid fire "machine gun" laugh that is so cute! He likes to crouch down in his playpen and play peek-a-boo. He likes to stand at the bottom of the stairs and make music by banging a toy on our safety gate. He loves to feed himself cut up cheese while we feed him. His sleep patterns seem to be changing - it's looking like one mid-day two hour nap might work best for an early bedtime. We have some fun plans over the next couple weeks and can't wait to see what Seth does next!