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Seth Gets His First Teeth!

by Amy

It's been a busy two weeks since we last wrote. About two weeks ago, we started to see the first signs of Seth's bottom teeth! His right bottom tooth felt high in his gums, but hadn't actually poked through yet. Then, this past Tuesday night, his left bottom tooth caught up and poked through! He didn't sleep well Tuesday and Wednesday nights (who can blame him - it must hurt to have those teeth coming through!), and by Friday morning both little bottom teeth were poking through. He looks so cute with the little jagged teeth buds poking through (luckily, he hasn't really bitten us yet). He's been quite the trooper - other than a bit of difficulty at night, he's really not complaining.

Seth has also had some advances in the area of food! He is still eating the pureed chicken, though it isn't his favorite. He will eat it best if he can have a veggie on the spoon at the same time as the chicken. We also gave him Puffs and Cheerios for the first time - a little nervewracking to give him something solid to chew on, though they do dissolve in the mouth pretty quickly. After only a few days, he figured out how to feed himself! He's very cute - he hasn't quite figured out the pincer grasp yet, but he grabs a handful of Cheerios and gets some of them in his mouth =- and of course some on the floor! We also gave him yogurt for the first time - he loved it - he looked at us like "why haven't you given me this delicious food before?" Next up we will try beef. He's also practicing drinking from a sippy cup, and the rudimentaries of drinking from a regular cup and using a spoon.

Seth is getting more and more mobile; he loves his redesigned playroom (thanks, Geema!), and has been having lots of fun with his new toys. He just got some great Christmas presents from Grandpa Joe and Grandma Nancy, including a learning table and a little music set-up, and he loves them both. He can crawl and pull up like a pro and balances even better now. He walks around by hanging onto the furniture, and can stand for a couple seconds at a time by himself on occasion before falling over. He also likes to walk while someone holds his hands.

Seth is starting to enjoy little games. He loves Peek-a-boo, and sometimes even initiates it himself. He is starting to acquire a little bit of object permanence, in that he will look for a minute if you hide something. He likes Patty Cake and the Ittsy Bittsy Spider. We also just started a Music Together class, which he really enjoys. He has started to learn how to dance - he does this little "butt shimmy" that is quite cute. He does lots of other cool little tricks - making clicking noises with his tongue, discovering that he can sniff, showing the beginnings of waving and putting out his arms to be picked up, babbling a lot, taking things out of boxes and containers, and just being generally adorable.

We're having lots of fun. Other than when he's teething, Seth has been doing a good job at sleeping 8 hours (though that is usually from 8pm to 4am!). Funny story of the week is that at daycare, Seth and another little baby can both stand up in their pack and plays, and they like to do this and "talk" to each other to avoid taking a nap!