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Seth Turns 4 Months Old (Plus Some New Pictures)

by Jason

Life in the Healy household has been good and very busy since we last wrote (which is part of why we haven't written in a while). Suffield Academy is back in session as of today, and Amy heads back to work tomorrow. Seth will be at daycare at the school, along with several of the children of other faculty members. It's going to be a big adjustment (especially for Amy, who has been home with Seth all summer), but the people at daycare are great, and Seth will have lots of friends to hang out with. Amy has Monday and Tuesday mornings off, so she'll still get plenty of time with Seth.

Today Seth turned 4 months old, and his 4-month checkup at the doctor's is tomorrow. We'll get to find out how much he's grown in the last two months, and we're anxious to find out about new developments that are headed our way (teeth, solid food, etc).

In the meantime, Seth has had many exciting developments! He's taken a great interest in his right foot, grabbing it whenever he can. It seems to be his favorite new toy, as he calms down and is content when it's in his hand. He's managed to get his toes up to his mouth, so that's been a lot of fun for him as well. He'll often curl up when he's on his back to get his feet where he can reach them.

He really enjoys grabbing at his toys now, and everything he gets ahold of goes right in his mouth. His favorite toy (besides his foot) is the "ADHD penguin" given to us by Jill (Jason calls it that because it has so many colors, features, and other distractions). Staying with his podiatric interests, he most enjoys chewing on the penguin's feet.

Seth now rolls from front to back with ease, finding it a great way to get out of "tummy time". He also seems very close to being able to roll from back to front, but hasn't quite managed this feat yet (he can roll to his side, but can't get all the way over).

Seth is getting better at sitting up (with some help) and staying in a sitting position. He still flops over pretty regularly, but smiles and giggles when he sits, so we think he likes it and will try to do it more in the future.

His hair is starting to fall out, so he's a little more bald than before. He still has enough hair on top for a good fauxhawk, but we can't help wondering what he'll look like in a month or two (new hair? no hair?).

We've uploaded all of our pictures from the month of August, so feel free to visit the photo gallery and see what's new. We've had visits with Wethersfield friends, Williams College classmates, auntie Lissa, and others.

We'll try to write more (and more often), but for now, that's the update from Suffield!