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New Website Up and Running!

by Jason

It's been over two months since Seth was born, and we've finally gotten the time to create a website with pictures and news about Seth. We'll be posting news about Seth (and us) here from time to time, and we'll be putting pictures in the gallery (click on the "Photo Gallery" link on the left-hand side of this page). Please note: you'll need a password to see most of the pictures in the gallery; if you need the password, just e-mail one of us and we'll send it to you.

Using the gallery

Our gallery is set up to organize pictures by year, month, and day. Start by clicking on 2008 (we don't have any pictures up for other years yet), and then the month (we currently have pictures for May, June, and July). Then pick the day.

On every photo page there are several items to check out. The "Order a Print" link will let you order glossy prints from Shutterfly. Meanwhile, the "Download Original" link will let you download the full-size original image to your computer (in case you want to print it yourself, or you want to use it on your own computer).

To the left and right of each photo are thumbnail images of other photos in the album. Click on these to view other pictures. You can also move from picture to picture by pressing the "left" and "right" arrows on your keyboard.

Enjoy using the gallery, and let us know if you have any problems!