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Seth's First Day

by Jason

2:30am - Amy wakes up with a pain in her stomach. Her belly is hard, and we're wondering if she's going to go into labor just a few hours before the scheduled C-section! However, after a few minutes everything subsides and we're able to get back to sleep.

5:00am - We wake up to the first of four alarms they have set to make sure they get up on time. We shower and get dressed, and leave for the hospital at 6:00am.

6:40am - We get to the hospital, check in, and head to a triage room where they listen to the baby. Turns out Amy is having contractions every five minutes! However, these aren't labor contractions, as they aren't painful. The doctors say that this might be a sign that labor would start in the next few days, which we take as a good sign that the C-section won't be too early. Doctors visit to ask some questions, and everybody gets ready for the C-section.

9:00am - Amy goes into the operating room with the doctors to prep for surgery. Unfortunately, the anesthesiologists have some trouble getting a spinal block for Amy, and have to try many times to get a good block. Amy is a real trooper though, and sticks with it so she doesn't have to get general anesthesia. Jason isn't allowed in the room yet, so he's patiently waiting outside for everything to be ready. Finally, after 35 minutes, he gets to come in.

9:35am - Jason joins Amy in the OR, and holds her hand as they begin surgery. Everything goes very quickly -- Amy doesn't feel any pain, and soon they tell Jason he can peek over the curtain to see Seth being born!

9:42am - The doctors talk about how much hair the baby has as he's coming out, and after a few good tugs, Seth is born!

Amy and Jason get to see him very briefly before he has to go to the warmer and have his vital signs checked. Jason can see Seth from where he's standing, so he tells Amy everything that's going on. The doctors weigh Seth and measure him, and he's 7 pounds 8.2 ounces and 20 inches long.

9:50am - Seth is handed to Jason to hold, and Jason holds him so Amy can see him up close. Amy is crying a little, but is very happy and excited to meet her new son! The doctors take a few pictures, and everybody says that Seth is a beautiful baby with a great name.

10:15am - The doctors are finished cleaning Amy up, and she's moved to a bed so she can go to the recovery room. Jason hands Seth to Amy, and she gets to hold him while they go to recovery.

In recovery, we get to see Seth up close, and he nurses with Amy on the first try.

Meanwhile, Jason goes out to the waiting room to tell Geema about Seth. She is very excited and cries a little, too. He's so happy to hear that everything went well, and that Amy and Seth are doing great. Soon, she gets to come in and hold Seth and visit with us.

A little while later, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Nancy arrive, and they get to see Seth, too! Everyone agrees that he's a great little baby.

11:45am - Amy and Seth are looking good, so they're ready to go to their postpartum room. Amy holds Seth while they get wheeled through the hospital to their room.

Amy is tired and needs to rest, so Jason stays with Seth as he goes to the nursery. The nurses check him out, warm him up, and give him a bath. The water is a little cold, so Seth cries a bit, but soon he warms back up and is as happy as ever. Jason leaves Seth to rest in the Nursery, and makes some phone calls and e-mails to let everyone know the good news.

For the rest of the afternoon, everyone takes it easy and rests from a busy morning.

4:40pm - Seth wakes up from his nap, and comes in to visit with Amy. The grandparents are still here, so they get to hold him again one more time before they head home for the day.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Michele also stop by to visit, and have a great time holding Seth. Seth is very cooperative, and doesn't cry at all the whole time.

6:00pm - Everyone has left for the evening, so we can spend some time alone with Seth. Everyone is tired, but very happy. Seth nurses again and does very well. Throughout the night he nurses two more times, and is a very happy baby.