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14 weeks, 6 days

by Jason

Today was an exciting one for us, as we finally told people at work that we were pregnant! It was a lot of fun, and everyone at work was excited for us. Even though there are lots of other pregnant couples at work, everyone made us feel special, and that was great.

We have a few extra pictures to share from our last doctor's appointment. We weren't expecting an ultrasound so soon, but they decided to do one so they could hear the baby's heartbeat (which was fine -- 158 beats per minute). We also got good news about the screening tests we've had so far, so that was a comfort as well.

As a side benefit of all this, we got a few extra pictures of the baby! We've attached them below for you to look at. One of them kind of looks like "alien baby" since you're looking at it head on, but we think it's cute nonetheless. The baby is about 9cm in length right now.

We hope you're doing well, and we'll send more soon.