Download Penrose Empires Software

The Penrose Empires software is currently available in two forms, binary and source. Both are distributed as Java JAR files. The binary distribution is ready to run, and so is quicker to get started with. However, the source distribution comes with everything, including sample files, which some people may find useful.

Also, be sure to download the documentation, and also my thesis (if you're interested).

System Requirements

(Note: these are the requirements from the year 2000 when I wrote this software. They seem laughable now...)

  • Java 1.2 or higher (tested under JDK 1.3 on Linux and Windows 2000)

  • 64MB of RAM (more RAM will allow you to render larger tilings)

  • Java Advanced Imaging API (optional, needed only if you want to export tilings in PNG format)

  • classes (automatically included in the JAR files that you download; you do not need to download them separately)

Binary Distribution

Click to download PenroseEmpires.jar, version 1.0 (102 KB).

The binary version can be run directly from the jar file by using commands such as:

java -jar PenroseEmpires.jar

java -cp PenroseEmpires.jar net.logn.penrose.PenroseTiling

You should also download the documentation for the software, as it is not included with the binary release.

Finally, if you want to run the software as an applet, you should download the sample applet HTML code, as it is not included in the binary distribution. Please note that since this software requires Java 1.2, most web browsers are not capable of directly viewing the software in applet form without the use of the Java Plug-In.

Source Distribution

Click to download PenroseEmpiresSource.jar, version 1.0 (95 KB).

The source can be extracted from the jar file by using a command such as:

jar xvf PenroseEmpiresSource.jar

From there, it will need to be compiled before it can be run:

javac net/logn/penrose/*.java

javac net/logn/util/vectoroutput/*.java

You should also download the documentation for the software, as it is not included with the source release.


Documentation is available in two different formats:

To download the documentation in a single PDF file, use the following links:

To download the pdfLaTeX source files to compile the documentation yourself, use one of the links below for the format of your choice. To compile the docs, you will need pdfLaTeX version >= 3.14159-0.14f.

My Thesis

If you're interested to find out (in detail) how this software works, please download my thesis: PenroseEmpiresThesis.pdf (PDF, 3.8 MB).

While long, it does provide a complete introduction to all the terminology used in the software, as well as pseudo-code descriptions of how the software operates.