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Great Time with Grams

by Guest (Judy Healy)

This is Grams (Jason's mother) making a guest blog entry: I've been fortunate to be out East spending time around Seth, Amy, and Jason, and--unsurprisingly--Seth continues to be adorable! Is it possible that he could be even more darling than before? He's now sporting beautiful curls, and is on the go all the time. He accurately kicked and threw the ball to me one evening for at least a half hour, and his aim was dead-on.

Sethie continues to be a mellow, happy boy, and his language development is such a delight. He's added a number of words to his vocabulary in just the past two weeks, and he is definitely trying to say words he hears us say. His animal sounds are very cute! For example, "Seth, what does the horse say?" Seth replies, "Neieieigh" in a high voice. "Seth, what does the sheep say?" "Ba-aa-aa-aa," says Seth, breaking the word into parts. "What does the rabbit say?" "Hop, hop, hop," whispers Seth. When we ask for the lion sound, he now makes a cute roar, but when first asked, "What does the lion say?", he would enthusiastically respond, "Yeah!".

I'm thrilled by Seth's interest in music and rhythm. He loves to be sung to, especially when more than one person sings to him at once. When Jason, Lissa, and I surprised him by singing "The Eensy Weensy Spider" in unison, he was mesmerized and would sign "more" the second we stopped singing. Now when we sing "The Wheels on the Bus", "Open Shut Them", "Twinkle, Twinkle", and "Pat-a-cake", Sethie is beginning to try the motions along with us while staring raptly at the singer(s).

I try to see Seth every two months or so, but enormous changes happen in the intervals. I hate to miss a minute, so I'm hoping to move back to western Massachusetts to be near my precious grandson.